One-person-band Videos

SHORT DOCUMENTARY: The Forgotten Ones2017_1

Doll Doctor Mends More Than Just Toys

Hillary or the Donald: Which mask will you wear?

Trump Supporters Debate Watch Party (Deadline)

Free Hugs After Election 

“I feel like I am Santa Claus”

Pastor Opens a Peanuts-style Booth In Front of His Church 

Life-saving gift of a kidney ‘can come from a complete stranger’

Spinning And Flipping Through Rain And Snow (Deadline)

Grocery Store Employees Compete For Best Bagger Honors (Deadline)

Four city workers fill up 1,000 sandbags preparing for storms (Deadline)

Not A Traditional Drawing Group

 “Success is measured in screams”

Tortoise Walker Wanted In Central Park 

This Grandma Walks

Isaiah Thomas has a new home in Tacoma: His own basketball court (Deadline)

Seahawks Fans Expecting Home Game Victory (Deadline, finished in two hours)

 Film-room Breakdown Of Graham-Kapowsin’s Foster Sarell

Trump Buttons Are A Top Seller In New York 

Last Minute Phone Bank Push for Sanders 

Media Waits – and Waits – for a Beyoncé Protest (Deadline)

A Time To Build, A Time To Destroy

Poet On The Road Writes Poetry To Go

Family Feels the Bunny Love at Adoption Event

Mantai’s Reel

The Aftermath of The Tibetan Unrests

[Note: Journalists were not allowed to enter Lhasa at the moment, so I had to go undercover to shoot and interview.]

The Rickshaw Man 

The Fire Dragon Dance in Hong Kong